4 Best Rock Climbing Gyms in Philadelphia


Posted By: Pamela Toy

Pilates is a fantastic way to stay in shape, but we also recommend mixing up your workouts.

Here at PilatesByPamela, we encourage cross-training in other sports because they can help you to develop coordination and strengthen your overall body.

Doing traditional workouts can get boring to some people very quickly, but sports are a great way to break a sweat while learning a fun new skill.

One of the sports we recommend checking out is rock climbing because it checks both of those boxes.

According to Health Digest, rock climbing can help you burn a lot of calories, improve core strength, flexibility, shoulder stability, and posture. (1)

Because our studio is located in Philly, we decided to review the best rock climbing gyms in Philadelphia!


Here are the 4 Best Rock Climbing Gyms in Philly:

1. Philadelphia Rock Gyms
2. The Cliffs
3. Reach Climbing
4. Tufas Boulder Lounge

1. Philadelphia Rock Gyms


Philadelphia Rock Gym (PRG) was founded in 1994 by two college students (Matt and Greg). They wanted to bring their enthusiasm back to their hometown city. They became one of the first Indoor Rock Climbing Gyms in the United States.

Since its opening, more than 100,000 people have been introduced to Rock Climbing at PRG.
PRG offers memberships, special events like birthday parties or group gatherings.
Phone Number: (877) 822-7673
Address: 2412 E York St Philadelphia, PA 19125


2. The Cliffs


The Cliffs
The Cliffs offers a welcoming environment where you can challenge yourself physically and mentally. They have a great indoor facility that contains challenging climbing walls and routes for all levels.

They strive themselves on bringing the benefits of climbing to the local communities in Philadelphia. Their offerings include monthly passes, single-day passes, intro lessons and much more.

Phone Number: (215) 444-7625
Address: 1010 Callowhill St, Philadelphia, PA 19123


3. Reach Climbing


Reach Climbing
Reach Climbing and Fitness is a state-of-the-art Rock Climbing facility located in Bridgeport, PA.
They have 58-foot walls, which is the tallest in the region, a 15-meter Olympic Regulation Speed Wall, and thousands of feet of wall for bouldering.

They have membership packages for youth, adults and families.

Phone Number: (484) 704-7612
Address: 401 E 4th St, Bridgeport, PA 19405


4. Tufas Boulder Lounge


Tufas Boulder Lounge is an indoor rock climbing gym located in Philadelphia. They have 5,500 sq/ft of climbing for both beginners and advanced climbers. They also have 1,500 sq/ft of climbing-specific training and general fitness space.

Tufas offer daily passes, monthly memberships, or a 10-day punch pass.

Phone Number: (215) 360-3999
Address: 1614 N 5th St, Philadelphia, PA 19122


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