7 Best Yoga Studios in Philadelphia


Posted By: Pamela Toy

Yoga is a mind and body practice that combines physical postures, breathing techniques, and relaxation. Here at PilatesByPamela, we encourage our students to cross-train in other forms of exercise. Yoga is a practice we highly recommend to all of our clients because it is very complimentary to Pilates.

Like Pilates, Yoga helps to improve balance, stability, and flexibility all while focusing on breathing.

Our clients ask us for Yoga recommendations all the time, so we decided to review the top Yoga Studios in Philly. To provide the least amount of bias, we used various metrics like organic rankings in Google, Google My Business reviews and total review count (to represent popularity).


Here are the 7 Best Yoga Studios Philly:
1. Lumos Yoga & Barre
2. Maha Yoga
3. Yoga Habit
4. Sanctuary Yoga & Mindfulness
5. Teranga Yoga
6. Studio 34 Yoga
7. Practice Yoga

1. Lumos Yoga & Barre


Lumos Yoga & Barre offers in-studio Pilates classes. Their mission is to create a welcoming atmosphere that encourages their students to focus and support one another. They have a wide array of class offerings including Barre, vinyasa flow, Yoga Sculpt, and even a HIIT class. Their Yoga classes welcome all levels allowing you to explore awareness, mindfulness while building strength through the breath.
Phone Number: (215) 787-0700
Address: 2001 Green St, Philadelphia, PA 19130


2. Maha Yoga


Maha Yoga
Maha Yoga is Center City Philadelphia’s premier Alignment Yoga studio specializing in chronic pain and injuries. In addition to their public yoga class schedule, they have a robust private and semi-private yoga program that supports practitioners with a range of corrective exercises, adaptive yoga, and modifications.
Phone Number: (267) 603-5362
Address: 2030 Sansom St 3rd floor, Philadelphia, PA 19103


3. Yoga Habit


Yoga Habit 
Yoga Habit is located in an old warehouse that used to be a dye factory in the 1800s. They have since renovated it and turned it into a beautiful yoga studio. The studio is well insulated and is kept at 90-93 degrees throughout each session. They have 3 different class offerings being Power Flow, Show Flow + Restore and a $10 Community Flow session.
Phone Number: (215) 600-0863
Address: 1640 Fairmount Ave 2nd Floor Philadelphia, PA 19130


4. Sanctuary Yoga & Mindfulness


Sanctuary Yoga & Mindfulness
Sanctuary Yoga & Mindfulness offers high-quality yoga with an emphasis on alignment architecture. Each yoga class contains about 3-5 minutes of deep meditation. They also offer mindfulness meditation classes on a daily basis. Their class offerings include the essentials (beginner level), everyone (all levels), edge (intermediate level), gentle (experienced), and mindfulness meditation.
Phone Number: (215) 964-9323
Address: 1233 Locust St., Philadelphia PA 19107


5. Teranga Yoga


Teranga Yoga
Teranga Yoga is an infrared hot yoga studio located in the Bella Vista/Queen Village neighborhood of Philadelphia. Their mission is to help you strengthen your body and awaken your mind through their practice. They offer group classes and private lessons.
Phone Number: (215) 992-2977
Address: 626 S. 7th St, Philadelphia PA 19147


6. Studio 34 Yoga


Studio 34
Studio 34 offers affordable yoga classes, workshops and art shows for anyone seeking healing and self-improvement. Their mission is to create an energetic space that both respects and honors all bodies and skill levels. They utilize self-care and expression through their yoga teachings, which allows you to reconnect and align with your bodies.
Phone Number: (215) 387-3434
Address: 4522 Baltimore Avenue in West Philly


7. Practice Yoga


Practice Yoga Studio
Practice Yoga provides comprehensive yoga instruction to their students. They welcome all ages and levels into their studio. They take on an alignment-based approach to strengthen the body, improve flexibility, and balance in a challenging way. Students will have a deeper awareness of their bodies and minds after training.
Phone Number: (215) 755-3268
Address: 804 South 4th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147


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