10 Best Chiropractors in Philadelphia – 2021 Review


Posted By: Pamela Toy

Previously, we wrote about how to recover from a Pilates workout utilizing massage therapy and nutritionists to clean up your diet.

At our Pilates Studio located in Philadelphia, a lot of our clients deal with lingering back and neck pain. In addition to massage therapy, we also recommend getting adjusted by a professional chiropractor.

Chiropractors can help to re-align your body allowing you to recover more quickly and help reduce acute back and neck pain. (1)

We decided to review the best chiropractors in the Philadelphia area.

To reduce any bias in our post, we used various data metrics.

The following metrics were used: Average Google My Business Review, Organic Traffic for the entire website (Estimated through a tool called Ahrefs), and Total Google My Business Reviews.

We used basic statistics to normalize each data point to be between 0 and 100, added up all the scores, and re-normalized everything. This enabled us to appropriately rank the best chiropractors in Philadelphia.

Disclaimer: We have personally used chiropractors in the area, but we didn’t want our review to be biased in any way.

Let’s go ahead and jump in.

Here are the top 10 Chiropractors in Philadelphia:

BusinessAverage Google My Business Review (Stars)Google My Business Review CountMonthly Traffic Estimation (Ahrefs)Overall Rank
Dr. Paul Rubin53631261
InSight Health & Wellness 5127352
Rittenhouse Square Chiropractic
Healthbridge Chiropractic
Atlas Chiropractic
Stone Bridge Wellness
Wolfson Wellness Family Chiropractic
Gentle Health & Wellness Center, LLC
Advanced Chiropractic of Philadelphia
Philadelphia Chiropractic


1. Dr. Paul Rubin’s Chiropractic and Wellness Center


Dr. Paul Rubin
Coming in at number 1, Dr. Paul Rubin’s Chiropractic and Wellness Center offers natural therapies and gentle chiropractic services to help you alleviate aches, pains, joint degeneration and much more. Dr. Paul Rubin and his licensed massage therapy staff have extensive experience treating injuries from car accidents, work, or slip and fall.

Overall Normalized Score:100
Phone Number: (215) 972-0307
Address: 1420 Walnut St #1404, Philadelphia, PA 19102


2. InSight Health & Wellness


InSight Health & Wellness
InSight Health & Wellness offers fully dedicated chiropractic solutions to address your needs such as back, neck, muscle tension or even headaches.

Overall Normalized Score: 58.73
Phone Number: (215) 564-6680
Address: 1601 Walnut St #514, Philadelphia, PA 19102


3. Rittenhouse Square Chiropractic


Rittenhouse Square Chiropractic
Rittenhouse Square Chiropractic provides a wide variety of services such as therapeutic massages, personal training, rehab, and decompression. Dr. Jason Nutche has over 11 years of experience and has everything needed to improve your overall health and wellness.

Overall Normalized Score: 50.81
Phone Number: (215) 515-8122
Address: 1608 Walnut Street Suite 601 Philadelphia, PA 19103


4. Healthbridge Chiropractic


Healthbridge Chiropractic
Healthbridge Chiropractic specializes in expert treatment for work or car injuries in the Philadelphia area. Their team offers holistic services and treatment you need to improve your health and wellness.

Overall Normalized Score: 47.36
Phone Number: (215) 546-0100
Address: 1420 Locust Street #220, Philadelphia, PA 19102


5. Atlas Chiropractic


ATLAS Chiropractic
Atlas Chiropractic serves the Philadelphia area for back and neck pain relief. Their mission is to help you improve your health and wellness so that you can function with everything you do. They have helped clients with various issues like frozen shoulder and back/hip pain.

Overall Normalized Score: 33.79
Phone Number: (215) 922-6333
Address: 333 Bainbridge Street, Philadelphia, PA


6. Stone Bridge Wellness


Stone Bridge Wellness
Stone Bridge Wellness offers Chiropractic treatment in the Philadelphia area. Regardless of your age, or condition, they are able to deliver precise health adjustments through a variety of treatment plans. Specifically, they are equipped to dealing with Neck Pain, Back Pain, Whiplash, Sciatica, Carpal Tunnel and Headaches.

Overall Normalized Score: 23.98
Phone Number: (215) 330-2400
Address: 1528 Walnut St. #1812 Philadelphia, PA 19102


7. Wolfson Wellness Family Chiropractic


Wolfson Wellness Family Chiropractic
Wolfson Wellness Family Chiropractic provides advanced spinal correction utilizing state of the art techniques. They were voted by Philly A-List for a second consecutive year for their outstanding Chiropractic care.

Overall Normalized Score: 17.02
Phone Number: (215) 990-4569
Address: 254 S. 11th Street Center City Philadelphia, PA 19107


8. Gentle Health & Wellness Center, LLC


Gentle Health & Wellness Center
Gentle Health & Wellness Center, LLC provides their patients with the latest, safest, and most effective corrective adjustments to alleviate pain and discomfort. Whether you are dealing with injuries from whiplash, car accidents, or chronic postural misalignments, their chiropractic care can help you.

Overall Normalized Score: 11.6
Phone Number: (267) 281-4231
Address: 1601 Walnut Street, Suite 809, Philadelphia, PA 19102


9. Advanced Chiropractic of Philadelphia


Advanced Chiropractic
Advanced Chiropractic of Philadelphia can help resolve your aches and pains as quickly as possible. They utilize a variety of different Chiropractic treatments depending on your needs. Some of the conditions they treat are vertigo, headaches, balance disorders, shoulder/arm pain and much more.

Overall Normalized Score: 11.6
Phone Number: (267) 281-4231
Address: 1601 Walnut Street, Suite 809, Philadelphia, PA 19102


Philadelphia Chiropractic


Philadelphia Chiropractic
Located in Old City, Philadelphia Chiropractic was featured in Philadelphia’s Magazine’s Top Doctors in 2021. They offer services for chiropractic care, family chiropractic, numbness and tingling and much more.

Overall Normalized Score:
Phone Number: (215) 928-9171
Address: 33 South 3rd Street Philadelphia, PA 19106


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Data Methodology

This data was pulled on 9/19/2021. In our scoring system, we factored in the total amount of Google My Business Reviews, average Google My Business Review, and estimated traffic per website via Ahrefs.

We used average Review because it’s generally an indication of overall quality of service. Total Review count gives insight into how popular a business is and traffic metrics show us how much Google likes your domain.

Google will tank or increase your rankings based on user engagement signals like dwell time (2). In other words, the more people bounce from your site and hop back to the search results, the more likely it is for Google to tank your rankings and vice versa.

Traffic was estimated using a tool called Ahrefs. Their traffic number is an estimation of how much organic search traffic your target website, subfolder or URL gets each month. (source)

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