All About Pilates Reformers


Learn from my blog as I share tips and information about Pilates Reformers.

Pilates Reformer Benefits

Using a Pilates Reformer can have plenty of benefits. Check out my blogs below to see who it can be beneficial for.

  • Can you Build Muscle with a Pilates Reformer?
  • Is Reformer Pilates Beneficial for Beginners?
  • Reformer Pilates Benefits for Weight Loss
  • Reformer Pilates for Pregnancy

    Reformer Tips

    Pilates Reformers can seem pretty intimidating at first, but it can provide a great workout when used effectively. Below are articles with tips on how to prepare for a Reformer workout.

  • What Should you Expect Before Your First Reformer Pilates Class?
  • What Should you Bring to a Reformer Class?
  • What Should you Wear to a Reformer Class?
  • 5 Things You Should Bring to a Reformer Class
  • How many days a Week Should you Do Reformer Pilates?

    Pilates Reformer vs Other Workouts?

    Pilates has many different machines, but what is the difference? Below are articles that outline how Reformer Pilates differs from the other machines and workouts.

  • Types of Pilates Machines – How do they Differ?
  • Mat vs Reformer Pilates

    Purchase Considerations?


  • Should I Buy a Pilates Reformer?
  • How to Choose a Pilates Reformer
  • Why Is Reformer Pilates so Expensive?
  • How Much Does a Pilates Reformer Cost?
  • Do you need a Mat Under your Reformer?