Why is Reformer Pilates so Expensive?


Posted By: Pamela Toy

Reformer Pilates classes are more expensive than other fitness classes because of the cost of the reformer, class sizes are smaller, and instructors need to be certified, which is also expensive.

Reformer classes are not just any fitness program you can take at your local gym. They need real certified instructors who have put in the time to develop their craft.

Here are the 3 main reasons why the classes are so expensive:

  • Reformers are Expensive!
  • Class sizes are smaller
  • Certifications are expensive and can take time to earn

    Reformers are Expensive!


    Pilates Reformers, especially studio grade reformers can be very expensive. The cost of the class is justified because it is a specialized machine that needs a certified instructor to guide you through the form and exercises to avoid injury.

    Class sizes are smaller


    Class sizes are small (typically 10 students or less) because of two reasons. It is expensive to maintain/purchase 10 or more Studio grade reformers and the instructor needs to be very attentive to all their students. With a bigger class size, this becomes much more difficult and it runs the risk of students getting injured.

    As a result, Reformer group classes are more expensive than other fitness classes that 30+ students could attend. After all, your studio owner likely has an expensive overhead!

    Certifications are expensive and can take time to earn


    Becoming a certified Pilates Instructor is not easy and typically costs a lot of money as well. Some pilates certifications can take 6 months to 2 years with consistent practice multiple times a week. Even after getting certified, an instructor needs to study and practice all the time to keep up with the latest techniques and maintain proficiency. Compare this to other forms of fitness where instructors can be certified within a week!

    Final Verdict


    Studio owners need to justify the cost of certifications, reformers and small class sizes so they have to charge more than other fitness classes.


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