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PilatesByPamela is dedicated to promoting the benefits of exercise for fitness enthusiasts, elite athletes, rehab clients, pre and postnatal women and everyone in between. Below are listed a few of the specialized programs that PilatesByPamela offers.

Yoga/Pilates Fusion on the Reformer

Yoga and Pilates when fused together offers a unique innovative mind body workout This exclusive workout is a challenging routine using the V2 Max Plus™ Reformer*in combination with a flowing yoga series. By holding postures against the spring loaded resistance of the reformer you’ll be able to enhance core stability, stamina, resilience and strength. It also challenges an individual’s precision, stability, balance and control. The sequence of movements is designed to clear the mind allowing better focus on the fundamentals of the movements.


Athletic Conditioning Workout

The Athletic Conditioning Workout offers variation of familiar Pilates exercises that train unilateral movement, weight transference and torso rotation and serves to strengthen and mobilize the arms, legs, shoulders and hips. The muscles are challenged and strengthened by high caliber workouts. These athletic conditioning workouts are perfect for athletes and fitness lovers who are looking for a solid cross training activity to complement their current program. Adding to a regular routine will give optimal results.



Exercise is a key factor to having a feel-good pregnancy. Prenatal Pilates workouts are designed to improve stability and mobility in the lumbo pelvic and shoulder areas which is very beneficial to women throughout their pregnancy. A mind- body approach to exercise that focuses on balancing strength and flexibility while maintaining core stability will help expectant moms support their changing bodies and prepare them for childbirth. Prenatal workouts utilize a variety of Pilates equipment to keep workouts interesting as well as safe and effective.



Exercise is a key factor to regaining your pre-pregnancy shape faster. A specialized postnatal workout will help to reactivate and strengthen the deep stabilizing muscles of the body, including the pelvic floor and abdomen. The postnatal Pilates program will leave you feeling stronger and more energized


Pilates for Men

Men are discovering that adding Pilates to their fitness regimen can greatly enhance athletic performance and strengthen the core to minimize the risk of injury. So, whether it’s part of an athletic workout or a workout to get an individual into shape for an active lifestyle, Pilates has shown to yield great benefits.


Injuries and Special Populations

Pamela has been trained to work with individuals who have injuries and special issues. She can collaborate with doctors and physical therapists to design specialized programs. There are protocols to follow when working with these populations, and she is careful to plan a safe and effective program for each individual.

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