What to wear to a Reformer Pilates Class?


Posted By: Pamela Toy

When it comes to working out on a Pilates Reformer, many exercises are done with your back flat on the machine. This means that your clothing should be slim, flexible, breathable and most importantly comfortable. We are going to discuss exactly what you should wear and what to avoid in order to maximize your session.

What top should you wear on a Reformer?


Men can wear a dry-fit or slim-fit shirt. The shirt can have sleeves, but should not be loose/baggy because many exercises require you to move your arms.

Women can wear a tank top or a slim-fit workout top. You should also wear a sports bra underneath.

What bottom should you wear on a Reformer Machine?


Again, we want to avoid any clothing that isn’t super baggy, so the following options are all acceptable.

  • Athletic shorts
  • compression leggings/pants
  • track pants
  • yoga leggings
  • pilates leggings

    What to avoid wearing?


    You should avoid wearing heavy, baggy clothing that can get caught under you when you are
    on the reformer.

    For example, tieback tops should not be worn because they can cause additional friction.
    Jewelry, belts, and drawstring pants should also be avoided.

    Can you wear shoes on a Reformer?


    Typically people don’t wear shoes on a reformer, however, wearing grip socks is appropriate and encouraged because they can protect your feet and also avoid slipping while pushing off.

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