8 Best Nutritionists in Philadelphia – 2021 Review


Posted By: Pamela Toy

Health and nutrition are really important to us here at PilatesByPamela. We stress to our clients the importance of eating clean as it can aid in the recovery process after a long hard Pilates session.

However, breaking poor eating habits can be really difficult on your own. Professional help can make a big difference in your overall life, so we decided to review the best nutritionists in Philadelphia.

In order to avoid any bias in our review, we utilized three different data sources to score the top Nutritionists in Philadelphia.

We used the following metrics: average Google My Business review, Google My Business review count, and overall organic traffic for the entire website (estimated by a tool called Ahrefs).

After we collected the data, we then normalize the values in our dataset to be between 0 and 100, then added up the data and re-normalized it. This allowed us to appropriately rank each business.

To learn more about why we chose these metrics, click here to jump to our data methodology section.

Here are the top 8 Nutritionists in Philadelphia:

BusinessAverage Google My Business Review (Stars)Google My Business Review CountMonthly Traffic Estimation (Ahrefs)Overall Rank
OnPoint Nutrition52121208141
Philly Dietitian 588272
Yummy Body Nutrition
Hleap Nutrition
Nutritiously Yours
Jennifer Weis Nutrition Consulting, LLC
Philadelphia Personal Health
Nourish Philadelphia

For anyone interested, below are the normalized scores we calculated.
Statistical Data Nutritionists in Philly

1. OnPoint Nutrition


OnPoint Nutrition
Coming in at number 1, OnPoint Nutrition offers a personalized approach providing you with the tools needed to take full control of your health. They offer three different virtual programs depending on your needs – the Essentials, the Academy or the Concierge.

Overall Normalized Score: 100
Phone Number: (215) 867-9424
Address: 744 South Street #132 Philadelphia, PA 19147


2. Philly Dietitian


Philly Dietitian
Philly Dietitian offers nutrition counseling services providing realistic and science-based recommendations to help you to achieve your goals. They are experts in weight loss management, sports nutrition and performance, nutrition during pregnancy and much more.

Overall Normalized Score: 45.26
Phone Number: (707) 213-9728
Address: 1745 Bainbridge Street Philadelphia, PA 19146


3. Yummy Body Nutrition


Yummy Body Nutrition
Yummy Body Nutrition offers Nutrition Counseling in Philadelphia and Haddonfield New Jersey. Their team is attentive to your specific needs and will help you to get on track and meet personal goals. They offer both in-person and virtual consultations.

Overall Normalized Score: 38.23
Phone Number: (484) 416-1096
Address: 325 Chestnut St Unit 800, Philadelphia, PA 19106


4. Hleap Nutrition


Hleap Nutrition
Hleap Nutrition will work with you to develop an evidence-based meal plan to address your personal health goals. Their goal is for you to develop long-term sustainable success.

The owner, Claudia Hleap is a registered Dietian who provides nutrition counseling and medical nutrition therapy that helps to facilitate behavioral change. She works with a variety of patients and disease states, but specializes in Diabetes and weight management.

Overall Normalized Score: 37.94
Phone Number: (215) 821-8705
Address: 100 North 18th St Suite 300 Philadelphia, PA 19103


5. Nutritiously Yours


Nutritiously Yours
Nutritiously Yours is run by Registered Dietitians who are on a mission to teach you balance. Their goal is for you to live a life full of good food and healthy eating habits. They believe nutrition is not a one size fits all deal and don’t believe in diets or fads.

They have been featured in Healthline, ABC News Eat Love and more. Another unique fact is that the owner, Dalina is one of few Spanish Speaking Registered Dietitians in Philadelphia.

Overall Normalized Score: 34.38
Phone Number: (267) 538-4390
Address: 1010 N Hancock St, Philadelphia, PA 19123


6. Jennifer Weis Nutrition Consulting, LLC


Jennifer_Weis Nutrition Consulting, LLC
Jennifer Weis Nutrition Consulting, LLC offers science-baked counseling for people looking to change their eating habits or adopt a healthier lifestyle overall. They specialize in clients who have diabetes or gastrointestinal disorders.

Overall Normalized Score: 33.96
Phone Number: (610) 585-5313
Address: 525 S. 4th Street, #240A, Philadelphia, PA 19147


7. Philadelphia Personal Health


Philadelphia Personal Health
Philadelphia Personal Health provides a wide variety of services designed to meet each individual’s needs and goals. They utilize a Functional Medicine Model to understand and address the underlying causes of each person’s disease or symptoms.

Their practitioners are taught to interpret, test and influence vital interactions from a systems biology POV. You will work as a team with their practitioners to eliminate the causes of health problems over time.

Overall Normalized Score: 33.96
Phone Number: (610) 585-5313
Address: 417 South St, Philadelphia, PA 19147


8. Nourish Philly


Nourish Philly
Nourish Philadelphia uses strategic tools and techniques to assist clients to achieve a more balanced and healthier lifestyle. Lisa Rudi-Davis, a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist will help you to make the best food-related decisions based on your specific needs.

Overall Normalized Score: 0.451
Phone Number: (215) 834-9463
Address: 1924 E Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19148


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Data Methodology

This data was pulled on August 23, 2021. In our scoring system, we factored in the average Google My Business Review per business, total amount of Google My Business Reviews per business, and estimated traffic per website via Ahrefs.

We wanted to get the average Google My Business Review because people will typically leave a review online if they are upset or thrilled with the service.

This can tell us a lot about the quality of service overall. However, if we just factored in the average review that wouldn’t paint the entire picture. Adding the count of reviews gives us an understanding of how popular a business is.

Lastly, we factor in estimated traffic using a tool called Ahrefs. Ahrefs Traffic number is an estimation of how much organic search traffic your target website, subfolder or URL gets each month. (source)

We use organic traffic estimation because this can give us an idea of how much Google/Search Engines like your website’s content. If you have poor/low-quality content Google is unlikely to rank your website high resulting in low traffic.

We would prefer to use Google Analytics Data or Search Console Data, but unfortunately, we did not have access to the businesses that we analyzed.


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