5 Best Boxing Gyms in Philadelphia


Posted By: Pamela Toy

Best Boxing in Philadelphia

Boxing is a great way to stay in shape while learning a really effective martial art. It is really good for improving hand-eye coordination and cardio because of all the moving involved. Whether you are just looking to get into peak condition or learn how to box professionally, we recommend incorporating it into your workout routines.

Keep in mind that you do not have to spar in order to stay in shape. Many gyms offer technique and pad workouts so you can reap the benefits of the cardio workouts without getting hit.

We decided to review the top boxing gyms in the Philly area!

Let’s go ahead and jump in.

Here are the 5 Best Boxing Gyms in Philly:

1. James Shuler Memorial Boxing Gym


James Shuler Memorial Boxing Gym
The James Shuler Memorial Boxing Gym is located in a repurposed horse stable that is about 2,100 square feet. They have a 20 x 20 foot ring, and the gym provides a very clean and classic look. The gym has an uppercut bag, a 250 lb heavy bag, speed bags, windy bags and locker rooms for all members. It is equipped with everything you need to box recreationally or professionally.
Phone Number: (215) 399-7483
Address: 750 Brooklyn St, Philadelphia, PA 19104


2. Joltin’ Jabs


Joltin' Jabs 
Joltin’ Jabs is a boxing gym located in Manayunk, Philadelphia. It was founded by professional boxer, Joey DeMalavez. He was a silver medal at the Golden Gloves Championship in Lancaster, PA. He finished his career with a respectable 6-2 record with 4 knockouts.

Joltin Jabs’ offers an intense 50-minute boxing session. You will learn proper boxing techniques and self-defense skills from Joey. Everything is taught in stages, as you will focus on cardio, agility and strength training, which were all integral parts of Joey’s training regimen.
Phone Number: (610) 256-5789
Address: 115 West Ridge Pike Conshohocken, PA 19428


3. Philly’s Next Champ


Phillys Next Champ
Philly’s Next Champ offers boxing classes broken into three different age groups. Their classes teach you basic boxing techniques and skills. Each class includes cardio calisthenics, bag drills, basic self-defense and shadow boxing drills. The focus will be on performance and technique, which will build your self-confidence in a safe and fun environment.

Additionally, they offer impact classes, with impact wraps technology, which can measure your impact score, average force, strike count, duration and overall class rank for each workout. This can be great for measuring progress.
Phone Number: (215) 961-2210
Address: 1810 Grant Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19115


4. Pivot Boxing Academy


Phillys Next Champ
Pivott Boxing Academy’s mission is to impact and transform local youth through its program. They encourage integrity, discipline, values, and morals. They will help to develop fighters from beginner and transition from amateur to professional ranks. Their gym has a 20 x 20 boxing ring, a weight room, a conditioning area and a boxing training area. They offer privates, group classes for adults and children of all levels. They are a U.S.A. Certified Boxing training center.
Phone Number: (215) 398-5766
Address: 2807 North 6th Street, 2nd Floor Philadelphia, PA 19133


5. Rumble Boxing


Rumble Boxing Gym
Rumble is group fitness for the individual. They are a collection of the most inspiring fitness instructors that take you through a workout regimen to the beat of custom hip hop, house and mash-up music. Note, that this is not your normal boxing gym, it is more of a cardio workout, but still worth checking out for complete beginners just looking to get into shape.
Phone Number: (212) 804-7918
Address: 1520 Walnut St Philadelphia, PA 19102


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