JohnRecently, at age 80, I began private sessions at PilatesbyPamela. Although I’ve always been reasonable fit, I have some specific physical issues. As a result of a series of abdominal operations I needed therapeutic sessions in strengthening all core systems. Further, normal aging had affected my flexibility and range of motion. At our first meeting, Pamela and I discussed these issues. She observed, probed and analyzed the functioning of my body. I found her knowledgeable, careful and focused then and in all subsequent sessions. She respected my limitations but always expanded my capacities, incrementally guiding me just a bit further. I now, after two months, feel stronger, more in control of my movements and more energized, also far more relaxed. I’m now aware of muscle tensions I’ve lived with for years and far better able to relax shoulder and neck tensions. The emphasis on relaxation, form and breathing techniques has carried over into my daily activities. I do recommend these sessions to friends with specific issues and needs. They could not have a better trainer than Pamela Ong. Her own training is extensive and her sympathetic and nurturing nature provides motivation and continuous support.

John Geronimo
Philadelphia, PA

When I went for the first time to a class at PIlatesByPamela I thought I would give a class or two a try to change it up. Now it is one of my favorite parts of the week and can’t wait for my weekly session. Pam is an unbelievable Pilates teacher and her passion for what she does comes through effortlessly in her instruction. Every class is different and specialized for the results that we talked about when I first started. And now after just a few months I can see a definite change in my body strength and energy level.

Katie Cooke

Fitness is a big part of my life, but I’m a Pilates newbie – and Pamela’s personalized instruction has helped me reach a whole new level of fitness! It’s been a great complement to running, playing tennis and yoga. There’s nothing routine about it, because Pamela manages to make each workout different from the last. Pamela strikes a terrific balance of strength and flexibility exercises, and has a knack for successfully coaching you through postures that initially seem beyond your reach. I love working out with Pamela!

Kathryn Lee
Philadelphia, PA

Pamela Ong is a very hard working and dedicated Pilates instructor. She’s skilled at determining the best workout for your individual needs and levels. Her attention to detail and form is one of the qualities that makes her stand out from any other instructor I have had. I have been doing Pilates workouts for over 12 years. I absolutely love Pilates. It tones your body better than any other form of exercise and with proper form you will see amazing results after just 10 workouts. When working with Pamela you get dedicated and focused attention to your body type. I have scoliosis and she would watch my form to insure I would engage my core muscles so I would not put strain on my lower back. Many instructors just teach a class and don’t really pay attention and make corrections. When you are lying down on a mat or reformer it is very difficult for you to see if your form is correct. This doesn’t happen with Pamela. She pays very close attention to your every move. I definitely could see results and feel my body transform after her workouts. She is also great for rehabilitation after surgery or injuries. My son had to have a laminectomy at the age of 16. He was an active competitive soccer player before the surgery. I took him to workout with Pamela 3 months after his surgery and she was able to teach him important stretching and core exercises to build back up his core strength. These exercises he will have to do for the rest of his life. In November of 2012 he was able to go back to playing highly competitive soccer. I would highly recommend Pamela, not only is she a wonderful and caring person but a great Pilates instructor. She is well worth the money. In the 12 years I have done Pilates workouts I have been to many studios. She is by far one of the best instructors I have had.

Stephanie Roth
Tampa, FL

Pamela Ong was my Pilates instructor for over a year at a Pilates studio in Tampa, Florida. This was a state-of-the-art Pilates studio that hired only the best trainers. Pam is someone who demands a lot of herself and strives for excellence in whatever she does. She was quite the expert on all levels of Pilates exercises whether performed on a mat, reformer, Cadillac or a variety of other equipment. I especially appreciated that she seemed to truly care about her clients and, in my case, really made the effort to understand my fitness goals and capabilities. This resulted in Pam creating a very tailored program specifically addressing my strengths and weaknesses and also included exercises to help me improve my abilities in dragon boat paddling and racing, a recreational team sport for which I train and race. Pam also included balance exercises in my workouts because she knew I was taking Tai Chi classes which require a lot of balance. Pam would often work between sessions to find new exercises to try out that were targeted just for me or other clients. She was very effective whether in a Private or a Group session.

– Connie Bainbridge
Tampa, FL




I am used to exercise, as I am an athlete – I play tennis and golf, I cycle, I race in regattas and I ski. In order to do it all, I need to be fit. I go to the gym on a regular basis, but I feel that Pilates is a link to my good health and fitness,especially for my weak lower back. Pamela Ong is an excellent trainer, In fact, the best I ever had. She is truly inspiring with her technique and knowledge. She has a great eye for detail which is so important for the exercises to be effective. She instinctively knows what exercises you should have. Pam has an individual approach to each person she takes under her wing. She wanted to know all of my conditions, which we discussed in detail, before creating a program for me. The program she put me on was completely customized to my needs. Under her supervision I became stronger, gained much better posture and I lost my little belly. I loved my classes with Pam – such a shame she moved away. I would recommend Pam very highly to anybody who wants Pilates to make a difference.

–Margaret Gryzelko