Pamela’s Bio

Pam Fuzzy

Pamela has always had a passion for health and fitness. At a young age, Pamela was diagnosed with scoliosis. Rather than put her in a back brace, her mother started her in classical ballet at the age of 7 to help correct the condition. She studied at the School of Pennsylvania Ballet and continued with dance classes through college. Later, she became an avid tennis player, training and playing daily. Pamela has two sons that played high level tennis competing in State and National Tournaments. She traveled with them to tournaments giving strategic and technical coaching.

Always concerned about proper form and correct bio-mechanics. Pamela developed an eye for spotting faulty mechanics and improper alignment. After years of playing hard on the tennis court, coupled with her scoliosis, Pamela’s neck, lower back and hips were often in pain. Looking to improve her condition and not just find a temporary fix, Pamela discovered Pilates. She is now pain free and feels the best she’s felt in her adult life. Thrilled with the results, Pamela went on to become a STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor. She has continued taking advanced courses and workshops to keep up with the latest teachings. Pamela chose STOTT PILATES® because this method combines the original teachings of Joseph Pilates with a contemporary and thoughtful approach by collaborating with physical therapists, sports medicine and fitness professionals.

STOTT PILATES® is a truly safe and effective form of exercise. With her skills, Pamela is able to work with a very wide range of individuals from the active aging to the elite athlete and everyone in between. She is certified to work with individuals who have injuries and special issues, and can collaborate with doctors and physical therapists. Programs are individualized to best suit each client, enabling them to achieve their goals, whether it’s giving a tough athletic workout or addressing a particular issue that makes daily tasks difficult.

In addition, Pamela offers pre and postnatal programs as well as pilates/yoga fusion workouts. It is Pamela’s intent to move each client in the direction of their goals as quickly and safely as possible.

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9th & Spruce Streets   Philadelphia  19107      267-519-3639